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......and the the Low info voter is surprised again......LOLOLOLOLOLOL

“As a newly-graduated person, someone coming straight out of college, I don’t like the idea of having less money coming to me due to the selfish interests of people in Congress who don’t have any interest in reducing our financial problems,” Hoffman told “This is an impediment for future economic growth. It’s going to make it harder for young people like myself to get married, find a better job, you name it.”
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
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But "that guy" said taxes would ONLY be raised on the top 2%.

Remember kids, your action have consequences.

ALL of my children have heard this statement since they could speak. Too bad most parents do not explain this concept to the young as situations arise which are "teaching moments".
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Publican;66203 Wrote:But "that guy" said taxes would ONLY be raised on the top 2%.

I was at the outlet mall exchanging a table saw yesterday. And I stopped by a few other places. One of the girls working there mentioned that taxes had gone up. The other girl working with her asked her what that meant. When it was explained to her, that is what she said.

"But President Obama was only going to tax the rich people!"

Yeah, I will admit I laughed quite openly.
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After it was announced EVERYBODY'S taxes were going up, the phrase "I told you so" has been repeated by me very often to the friends and family that voted for Obama. ....yet I am the evil one and it is still the republicans fault 100%? Shrug
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are you talking about taxes other than the SS tax that went up to its previous percentage?
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I know the SS was temporary, but it still sucks. I am also referring to property taxes (I know ours in Philly is going up, I am not sure about everybody else's). My parents said their property taxes are going to be going up by a few thousand dollars.
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I expected the SS tax to go up, they promised that it would when they passed the tax holiday or whatever they called it, the uninformed didn't remember that it was temporary. It was a temporary tax break and was never promoted as anything but that.
The 'income tax rates' on the so called middle and lower class aren't changing but there are new taxes and the elimination of deductions that will ultimately mean that everyone will be paying more taxes. There's the "medical device" tax to fund 0bamacare that extends to things far beyond medical devices, and there will be more little things here & there that are rather inconspicuous but will ultimately equal more taxes being paid by everyone.
Did anyone else notice the unexplained increase in gasoline price a few weeks ago? It went up about 6¢ - 8¢ overnight and nobody seems to know why.
Some of us knew that these things were coming, we just weren't sure in what form or from what direction. The 2% SS increase is just an adjustment back to where it had been previously. People with short attention spans who forgot about the "temporary" part of it seem to be the ones who notice it the most now, and the ones who listened to the rhetoric from the "0" camp seem to be the most surprised by the most obvious and well known. They'll eventually accept it and barely notice the new taxes that are being slipped in here & there because they aren't paying attention or they'll accept the spin that explains why they're actually better off even it seems like they have less money.
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Oh yeah like the bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary so why are we complaining.
ExcelToExcel;66351 Wrote:Oh yeah like the bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary so why are we complaining.

Basically, because even when the tax rates expire, spending, the deficit, and the debt will continue to increase.
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Same as the social security tax increase or expiration. Its hypocritical...

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