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Walmart now selling the cheapest LED "60watt" lightbulb: $8.88
Besides the fact that CFL's off-gas harmful substances, they reek havoc on the environment when you throw them away, and they give me a major headache being in the room with them, they are just overpriced junk anyway.

There's no cost efficiency in an overpriced bulb that burns out faster than an incandescent bulb. I can get those at Dollar Tree in a 3 pack. My whole house has incandescent bulbs. I'm going to start grabbing one bulb a week and replacing them with LED's. CFL's can suck it.
There is a lot more to a CFL than a simple filament, and I'll bet the manufacturer has a lot to do with the varied results discussed here.

When we moved into this house in November 2005 we had lights everywhere compared to the townhouse we moved out of, and I suspected we be eaten alive by the cost of all those incandescent bulbs burning away. I found GE CFLs on sale at Home Depot and replaced every bulb inside and outside with an appropriate wattage replacement, specifically using the warmer temperature CFLs that had come available. At least 10 of them were recessed in the ceiling and I knew would take a little more effort to replace than that of a table lamp.

We burn most of them every day because the Mrs hates a dark and dreary house during the winter months. Eight years later and I have barely had to replace even half of them. I know because I counted how many I would need and purchased exactly double the number required for the complete change-out, and I still have a sizable pile of replacements in the garage waiting for the originals to burn out.

I replaced 40 watt with 9 watt, 60 watt with 13, 75 watt with 15, and 100 watt with 23 watt. And our electric bill for the first year was $35-$40 per month. I can only imagine what it would have been with incandescent bulbs.

And like some of you, I have been waiting for LEDs to come down in price and to become available in the warmer color temps in the 3000 - 3500 range. I really hate the blue 5000 and higher temps. If this lower price trend continues, 2014 may be the year I change from CFL to LED, and like 8 years ago, I will only be buying quality products.
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I replaced every bulb in my house with CFL's a few years ago, except for a handful of fixtures that only work with incan's. I really hate the color of light CFL's produce, but to me it was worth it to get my electricity bills down to a reasonable level. Most of my CFL's last several years, but every once in awhile you get one that lasts a few months. Sometimes you'll get one that doesn't work out of the box.

Now that LED's are out I'm gonna slowly start upgrading. It's only a matter of time before they are sold in bulk pack for 2 bucks each.
my apologies for steering this to a CFL discussion, but a half hour after I posted my last post, I went into the addition, flipped on the light and ANOTHER one of those fucking CFL bulbs was out.
A ceiling fan with 3 lights - fan is never run.

I'm down to one working bulb after about one year.
You can't just go replace them with "any" bulb because then the lights are different colors/brightnesses. You have to remember EXACTLY what brand/model you had installed initially.
That was never an issue with incandescent bulbs.

I'll let you guys try LEDs for a few years and see what happens. I'm staying old-school.
More expensive CFLs are definitely better in terms of life and light quality. The newer ones with smaller diameter tubes really come on quicker and flicker less. Of course it's not the tube that blows out, it's the electronics in the base; usually you can see a scorched spot on a dead one.

All-in-all, though, CFL is a transitional technology. Maybe LED is too. It's still got a complexity issue, but at least it's low-voltage so perhaps there'll be a bit less stress on the electronics. On an 40w LED bulb I bought a year ago, the base runs HOT! On the new Cree bulbs I have, everything runs cool. And the efficiency is about 50% better, plus the light is nice and warm.
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My oil lamps work every time. Big Grin
We haven't had much luck with cfl's either - cost more, generally last less time and some never worked from the beginning that were packed away for months.
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Leplat;124172 Wrote:Lasted longer?? Mine are lasting less than 2 years, while my classic bulbs from 4 years ago are still going. CFLs burn out like crazy.

I haven't had a single CFL last more than a few months, and I hate the light. I'll be looking for the Cree LCDs that someone mentioned to give them a try.
I've had many CFL's fail before their stated MTBF. I won't hold my breath for LED's to last any longer. While the LED component itself is designed to basically last forever, the supporting electronics to run that component (the driver circuit) most certainly is not designed to last forever. Companies are building these things to fail after a length of time so that they can ensure their revenue stream.

For anyone out there buying CREE bulbs, if you have one fail, do not throw it away. I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands.
Leplat;124172 Wrote:Lasted longer?? Mine are lasting less than 2 years, while my classic bulbs from 4 years ago are still going. CFLs burn out like crazy.

I guess I'm lucky.

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