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Warning: Liberal aboard!
I'm in, from the land of the "im-moderator," where individuals given a bit of "authoritay" suddenly become what they claim to loath the most; cops who, told "no," write out a summons for "disorderly conduct."

Unabashed liberal (some euphemise it to "progressive" but I won't) who also is one of the most strict constructionist 2A dudes you'd ever want to meet.

Most of my liberal friends disagree, but they're full of shit in this regard.

Some aren't; at least one of my friends, a Native American and professional folk musician and artist who is way to the Left of me is an NRA defensive pistol instructor with CCW permits in most of the Northeast.

All in all, I can live with that, since their uneducated opinions on the subject will stand neither the chance of sane legislatures nor the courts.

I really do buy in to "guns don't kill people, people kill people" and think that should be a "liberal anthem" since we're supposedly all about the "people issues."

Anyway, I don't trust ANY politicians; even the ones who claim to be pro-2A seem to be unwilling to really push it. I've been working with a Republican PA State Senator for literally MONTHS to get the whole open-carry-in-state-parks issue resolved. The result; a lot of talk but no result. Still, I'll vote for the guy. He gives me free targets.

But I don't really trust the NRA politicians, either, who're trying to use the 2A issues to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with firearms ownership.

But on to fun stuff: My first and last shooting love is .22's.

Okay, I carry an LCP in .380. Concealing anything bigger is out of the question for a skinny-ass dude like me. But my idea of a relaxing lunch-hour is shooting a .22 pistol or rifle at BCFG. What a nice, fun, place.

I'm still shooting the same 10/22 (dead stock but going for a trigger job this winter) that I was given as a present for Xmas 1975, and had to restore from a wreck before I was allowed to learn to shoot it. How a 1969 gun could get that trashed in that much time is a puzzle.

I qualified as an NRA "Expert" using a Buckmark Hunter a couple of months back; love my Ruger SR22P.

Post-Aurora, my liberal friends kept asking "why would anyone want an 'assault rifle?'" so in an effort to answer them I did the CMP course-of-fire with a club AR15. Delightful weapon at which a newb to high-power rifles can have immediate success without any pain. So that's the answer I gave them, along with an invite to try it themselves. "It's fun" is actually an adequate answer. We can philosophize about how a 100-yard rifle that is easily handled by a novice civilian is a really good thing.

That said, I also realized that high-power rifle isn't my "thing." Smelly, noisy, and expensive. I'd rather be at the bench with a .22 rifle or pistol. Just because I can shoot it reasonably well doesn't mean I really want to. Ditto for the LCP, but lots of other guys say the same about that little bitch. I carry it to protect myself and my loved ones.

I recently realized that there was a great hole in my education. To wit, bolt-action rifles. I started with that 10/22 semi-auto, which is a bit of a pray-and-spray proposition.

So I found me a Glenfield 25 (Marlin 80) and mounted a scope on it for my old eyes.

Took it to the range for about the third time with my girlfriend, who was shooting a Winchester 190 we found in her attic and which I restored back to life. She shot the Glennie just after I sighted it in, put 3 in a dime-sized group, and sweetly informed me that Glennie was no longer mine, but hers. Such problems we should all have. You're best girl wants your rifle for her own? OK.

But I was at Quinby's the next weekend, and what was on the used rack but another Glenfield 25. So now it's "His and Hers," $100 later. Such problems we should all have.

Since then, I've found that shooting bolter .22's is incredibly satisfying, and the insanely low ammo cost means I can shoot for next to nothing. Those 7-round Marlin mags versus 25-round 10-22 mags, with the bolt-action "cadence" make for $3.00/hour shooting.

Next, I want to find a cool old single-shot.

I think we all need to be working to preserve these "old plinkers." As their owners get on in years and pass on, they are very much at risk of being turned in at these loathsome "buy-backs." There are literally thousands of idle 25 to 50-year-old "training" and plinking rifles out there, at risk of loss if we don't figure out how to save them.

I like shooting for fitness. No really. I had a heart attack at rather a young age two and a half years ago. One stent and two years in the gym later, I can kick my self as a 20-year-old's ass. I do find that my shooting improves with my physical conditioning. AND my physical conditioning improves with shooting; my blood pressure drops like a rock when I shoot, to the extent that after a CMP match with an AR15, I felt the same BP "slide" that I do after an hour of cardio exercise. That, and the de-stressing and relaxation factor is huge.

What really pisses me off is that shooters like myself get caught up in all of the hysteria and bullshit around "assault rifles." I mean, my Ruger 25-round magazines are felonious in a number of states. How dumb is that?

And what further pisses me off is the idea that the world is somehow safer with my LCP a felony rather than in my jeans pocket.

Yeah, I'm a liberal. But if an "angry young man" confronts me with his Saturday Night Special (no derision intended, some of those little guys look like great good fun at the range), I have no hesitation about making him an "angry dead young man."

And I'll tell his Mama that I'm sorry that he chose to make it go down that way. While blaming "the system" for making him that way, "liberal" that I am. I'm not going to die, or let my loved ones die, due to the failed "system."
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welcome ... I think... lol
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We carry the same gun, anyway! welcome
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gascolator;35039 Wrote:Unabashed liberal (some euphemise it to "progressive" but I won't)

So, you're full-on into the whole redistribution of wealth via the welfare state?

Enjoy your stay!
Welcome! My grandfather gave me his Marlin Model 80 right before he passed. Needed a new magazine but its a great little shooter now!

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