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Washington city councilman walks out on council meeting because of citizen with CCW
From the Youtube description: "At last Tuesdays City Council meeting a citizen commented during the citizens comment period encouraging the City Council to support the Second Amendment and to help educate our children about firearms and firearm safety."

My description: This occurred in Oak Harbor City, Washington. I encourage everyone to watch it as it shows Lucas Yonkman, a veteran of Afghanistan, expressing his conviction to protect the lives and freedoms of his fellow Americans from criminals here and enemies abroad. When he is asked if he is carrying a firearm in the council chamber he politely responds he is despite the fact he is not obligated to answer. A city council member immediately proposes a new rule to ban firearms in the chamber. His motion is seconded and they vote. The motion is defeated and he excuses himself. Mayor Scott Dudley then comments on the shameful behavior of his fellow elected officials. He explains how he feels safer with the veteran in the room and took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution when he was a city councilman.

Live Free or Die
I applaud the mayor. He took the time to school the council members, especially the remaining two who voted for the ban. He even had the solicitor clarify that pre-exemption would have prohibited such a ban.

I loved it when the mayor went over the oath of office in detail, too.
This is GREAT!!! Everyone simply must copy this URL from YouTube and email and post on social media.

All politics is local, as they say, and it's these small, local victories which will carry the day nationally.
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I'd vote for this mayor, even if I disagreed with him on social issues. See how that works?
"As I lay rubber down the street I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God, protect my sweet ride."
Of course I left comments on Youtube Big Grin
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I'd bet a paycheck that the councilman has never shot or touched a gun in his life. There's a hoplophobe if I ever saw one.
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It's amazing how that terrifies people. Just the thought scared the guy off. Did anyone also notice how many people in the crowd left?
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scruff;72135 Wrote:I'd bet a paycheck that the councilman has never shot or touched a gun in his life. There's a hoplophobe if I ever saw one.

Keep the paycheck and take a newb to the range.


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The Second Amendment does not GIVE us the right. It tells the gov they can not infringe our right.
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Veteran, Army Airborne Officer

Thank goodness Rick Almberg is no longer in the Army Airborne. Something tells me he would have no problem disarming the U.S. civilian population if it ever came to that and he was given the order to do so.
Live Free or Die
The presence of the gun didn't "scare the council member off" - he left in an attempt to "make a statement".

I don't think the message he intended was the one received though. LOL!

What a child.

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