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Washington County Machine Gun Shoot - August 1st

Washington County Machine Guns LLC will be hosting our second public machine gun shoot at our new range on Saturday August 1st, 2015 at 10:00 am.

Washington County Machine Gun Range
25 Greaves Road
West Alexander, PA 15376

Ticket prices:

$10 General Admission
$99 for the 2 machine gun package + 1 bonus
$199 for the 5 machine gun package + 2 bonus
$399 for the 10 machine gun package + 3 bonus

We will be limiting the number of shooters to 50. Each shooter will choose which machine guns to shoot plus be able to shoot extra bonus guns. Shooters will have the option to purchase additional machine guns to shoot. Shooters are allowed to fire the machine guns as they please, so if you want to dump a 30-round magazine with one trigger pull, go for it.

Currently we have these firearms in stock:

Full-auto M60 (belt-fed)
Full-auto MG-34 (belt-fed)
Full-auto Mini-249 (belt-fed)
Full-auto F2000
Full-auto P90
Full-auto Uzi
Full-auto Glock 18
Full-auto H&K G36K
Full-auto H&K HK-53
Full-auto H&K MP5/10mm
Full-auto H&K MP5/9mm
Full-auto H&K MP5-N suppressed (Navy Seal version)
Full-auto Walther MPK
Full-auto AK-47
Full-auto STEN MKIII
Full-auto MAC-11 380ACP suppressed
Full-auto LAGE MAX-11 9mm
Full-auto Thompson M1A1 (Tommy Gun) 45 ACP
Full-auto Madsen M-50 9mm
Full-auto M16 .458 SOCOM SBR
Full-auto M16 7.62x39 SBR
Full-auto M16 50 Beowulf SBR
Full-auto M16 556 suppressed
Full-auto M16 556 SBR
Full-auto M16 9mm SBR
Full-auto M16 300AAC Blackout SBR
Full-auto M16 Vietnam Nam era
Full-auto M16A2 - 3rd burst option

Rules for the shoot:
No one under 16 allowed
Only our guns and ammo will be used
All shooters must bring their own ear and eye protection
All shooters must wear ear and eye protection when shooting
All shooters will sign release from liability forms (under 18 must have a parent sign)
No Pets

Washington County Machine Guns LLC
36 Melisko lane
West Alexander, PA 15376

NOTE: As in all events, all items are subject to change, especially when event has 70+ year old machine guns. If we get rained out, event will be rescheduled for Sunday August 2nd.

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