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"We want back the tax breaks we promised you--with interest"
This is obscene, IMHO.

I cannot fathom how this will be good for the state, or the people in it. If they didn't have Hollywood, I swear they would have collapsed by now.

Quote:Small business owners in California who were promised big tax breaks by the state government are now being ordered to pay possibly thousands in back taxes after a court ruling last year.

CBS Sacramento reports the state promised the tax breaks for opening certain kinds of businesses five years ago, but a court ruled the practice unconstitutional in December.

Now, the California Franchise Tax Board wants their money. The station reports an estimated 2,000 small businesses will be forced to pay up their retroactive taxes, totaling as much as $120 million. Some businesses will face a bill of as much as $200,000.

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Lol. It'll probably be ruled that taking the tax breaks back is unconstitutional. This is typical nonsense..
Californians really like to grab their ankles don't they ?
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Pocketprotector;115993 Wrote:Californians really like to grab their ankles don't they ?

especially the ones in San Fransisco
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More biz leaves CA everyday because of crap like this.
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