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Website for Supplies

Good website for prepper supplies. Got my wife her Boshe, looking to get Berkey filter now...
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Thank you for starting this, I was just thinking about this a while ago.

Here's a few more.

I have ordered from Augason farms myself, the other two I have not.
I have access to freeze dried foods such as the Mountain House and Natural High lines due to where I work.

Plus, water filters.

God bless!!

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Reusable canning lids:

Manual water pumps:

Informational website:
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This is a decent resource I have used several times. Decent prices and good products. I have eaten some of their longterm storage foods and have been complety satisfied with the quality. Pantrypride brand is what I have tried.
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I've ordered from this company already. No problems, and they're one of the only sites that I found where you can order replacement bung caps for drums for a reasonable price.

Looks like they also carry Gamma Seal lids, and a wide variety of other plastic storage solutions.
Not a website, but a good source for some of the things mentioned in the tread about essential supplies.  Habitat for Humanity runs some stores called Habitat Re-Store.  Lots of hardware and building supplies really cheap.  I swing out about once a month just to browse around and pick up the misc. odds and ends.
I posted this somewhere else, but it's probably more at home here:

I have ordered tons of stuff from this company and never had a problem with anything.  I'll be placing an order for some other misc. parts that shall be used to build a rocket launcher. Wink
Adding this:

I've been to the one in Altoona many times, going to go to the one in Carlisle sometime soon. Great place for things like Nuts and bolts, steel stock, tools and such.

Good site for information, how-tos and vendor links. Massad Ayoob writes a column for them as well.
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