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Weight Loss
What is the best plan for losing 30 pounds of the weight within 2 months?
I just started a cardio exercise plan for this purpose, I also taking only raw fruits and vegetables foods in my diet. I am hopeful that I will succeed to achieve my weight loss goal through this weight loss plan.
Please keep us posted with your discoveries and progress.

To directly answer your question, let's just say I've found the cure for anorexia.
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Start with bodyweight exercises. One of the best books on it is from
Johnny Grube called "Ultimate Physical Fitneess in 5 minutes". on Amazon.
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Calories in < Calories out works every time.

I like to use MyPlate online or the app....basically you put in your weight and height, and how many pounds you want to lose each week (0-2) and it will calculate about how many calories you should eat per day (also it will figure in workouts to give more calories if you need them) and then it has a HUGE food database of just about anything you would ever eat, and so its quick to record what you eat at each meal. Tallies it up for you so you know when you've eaten too much.

In the past both my husband and myself have had great success using MyPlate whenever we have enough character to stick to it!
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