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Weird CC exchange-Chester County courthouse
Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while but I figured I'd share an odd experience from last week.

On Friday I headed up to the Chester county courthouse (annex) to get some doe tags. As I walk in I'm prepared to check my gun, as I have on previous visits, and have my wallet out and ready should they ask to see my CCL (sometimes they ask, sometimes not). There is an elderly woman in uniform (I assume a deputy) running the metal detector and a guy in his 40's sitting behind her at a desk (also a deputy I assume).

Me:"I have a firearm I need to check"
Woman:"Ok, go right around there and place it in a lock box"

I go around, un-holster my gun, extra mag, and knife and place them in the box. Then I hear...

Guy:"Um, are you an LEO?"
Me:"No sir..."
Guy:"Well hold on, you can't just come in and go right to the lock box"
Me:"The lady over there told me to go around..."
Guy:"Well you need to show us a license, it's common courtesy"
Me:"No problem, but she told me to 'come right back'"
(hand him my CCL)
GuySadlooking at license)"Ok, well from now on you need to say something"
Me:"...I told her..."
Guy:"It's just the right way to do things"

I walk away chuckling, go about my business upstairs and return to retrieve my property.

I just thought it's odd that he was reprimanding me, or attempting to, when I had already done what he asked. It's not my fault that he wasn't paying attention, and the distance between the female deputy and himself was less than 10ft, with nobody else in the hall. Short of entering the building and yelling "I HAVE A GUN ON ME" (which doesn't seem smart) I don't know what else he expected. This is the first time I've had such an issue there and I'm not really sure what his problem was. Anybody else have a similar issue?
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