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What distance to zero your rifle?
Chazman321;48793 Wrote:And a .243 shooting 75 grain Hornady V-Max's has the same trajectory as the factory loaded 7mm STW, just less kinetic energy... I've tried shooting to 550 yards, I'm not good enough, and I'm ok with that... lol

Oh, by the way, I have some .243 brass for you. Mrs. Chaz's 2 year anniversary present was a Rossi .243 and she loves it... lol


Even the 160's out of the STW will start to outrun the .243 75gr V-max by 500 yards. Same speed at the muzzle, but the .244 can't hang with the lower B.C.'s. The 7mm ball will usually retain more speed the farther you go. I have a load for the 120gr Ballistic Tip that hits 3750fps. I have some 100gr balls that I'm edging to try, but I hate to waste the barrel life.

.243 brass is always good.
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Man, it looks like Lycanthrope has this thread all kinds of cleaned up, lol. I thought I was going to have to get my ballistics calculator out, and I didn't. Then I was going to talk about some differences in BC's, and Lycanthrope had it handled, lol.

I was just going to agree with him Chaz. While on the surface, a .243 shooting a 75 grain bullet at 3,400 fps or so is the same as a 7 STW shooting a 120 grain bullet at 3,4000 fps, they're not the same. Most people I know will push the STW faster than that, but even if they're not, the BC's really come into play. The BC will affect how the bullets lose their velocity, and a heavier bullet that has a higher BC will retain it's velocity out to longer distances. It kind of seems like it's against common sense, but it's not. The heavier bullet that is moving faster will still have less drop than the lighter bullet that started out the same speed IF that lighter bullet has a lower BC. The other thing is that the lower BC, and especially when the .243 bullet starts to slow down, it'll have more wind drift. Both because it's lighter, and then because it's starting to move slower.

I'm also a HUGE fan of the .243. It has almost no recoil, and it just flat out works great. There's still no substitute for more mass that is moving the same speed, and has a high BC. IF the BC's are the same, then the game changes, but usually you have to get into the much heavier bullets for a particular caliber before you get to that point. This is a really good thread.
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I calculate my taxes, but I zero at 50,100,200,300,400,500, and 600.
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video is removed?
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