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What is REALLY going on with our embassies this weekend?
More Al-CIA-da gun running without the collateral damage this time?

Hillary get some prior intelligence again and decide to do the right thing this time?

Quote: US to temporarily shut down embassies around the world Sunday amid security concerns
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Obama's birthday blowout bash.
Night of Power in Ramadan is Aug 4th.
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It amazes me that they are letting the "potential" terrorists that they will be closing on Sunday... so they have time to move up their action date to Saturday... HOW STUPID IS THIS ??? Why not tell them what time and where they are going to lunch so they could meet them there too ???
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............
Camper;113529 Wrote:Night of Power in Ramadan is Aug 4th.

Obama's alleged birthday as well.

Edit*** streak, I see you beat me to it and I missed it lol!
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Or....wait for it.......they actually received some creditable intel that an attack was pending. You know, the kind you guys are crying about that they ignored in Libya. Those working in Embassies are still US citizens so good on them if they have info on a real threat.
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I think there are always threats around Ramadan. Every year the threat level goes up overseas around this time, I thought.
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Dave;113537 Wrote:Or....wait for it.......they actually received some creditable intel that an attack was pending.

When is the last time they had credible intel or used any intel the right way? Who is to say what intel is credible? WMDs were credible in Iraq but they were not there. Intel on the Jackov brothers in Boston was credible and they did nothing and got burned. They had credible intel on Benghazi and did nothing. Instead, they made up an incredible story about a video.

Some things were never asked or answered about Benghazi. Why was Chris Stevens there in the first place? The US Embassy is in Tripoli. Why was a CIA base located a mile away from the diplomatic post? How did the terrorists know that was a good place and time to attack? Just because it was 9/11? Why were US forces told to stand down?

I'm sorry, the State Department under Clinton and Kerry is incompetent and care more about Obama's political environment than in protecting US interests. It is just not credible that they suddenly became master interpreters of intel and have the best interests of the country at heart.
Well, you have recited the bumper sticker slogans perfectly but let's be honest - there is not a damn thing they would or could do which would ever pass your test so please do continue on.......

I will remain glad that they are taking these steps. And yes, there have been tons of lives saved even though they can't meet the Jack Bauer standard the professional forum chatters demand.
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