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What is your preferred home defense weapon?
Lots of people have very differing tastes on primary HD weapon. Some prefer pistols, others shotguns, still others rifles. What's your platform, caliber, and ammo of choice?

While some might think it's overkill, my HD weapon is a Springfield M1A (standard length 22" bbl) stoked with Hornady 155gr TAP .308 Winchester. While the rifle is big, heavy and unweildy in tight spaces, my reckoning is that I'm not going to be chasing after the bad guy in my own house. After retrieving the rifle which is on a shelf above my bed, I'll probably just hole up in my room with the rifle aimed at the door. My house is a twin, so there's an at-least 6" thick concrete dividing wall between me and my neighbor, which would act as an angled backstop from that point of aim. Not to say 20 rounds of .308 couldn't eventually eat through that, but it's my sincerest hope that I won't need all twenty rounds, or at the very least that I won't miss with all twenty from a range of ~5 yards. Blush
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Savage 12ga side by side 18" double with tritium bead sight, firing Remington/Barnes 12ga 3" magnum 1oz .50 caliber solid copper sabot slugs.

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Backed up by my threaded barrel FN Five SeveN with Viridian C5L 100 lumen strobe light/green laser, linear compensator, and 30rd magazines. I keep that loaded with Elite S4M (in my tests this round came within 1 layer of shooting completely through a IIIA vest)
Whichever one is in the room that I'm in when needed. Be it a 22, a 38, 45, 44, 223, or 12ga.
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I have a Winchester 1300 that I keep stocked up with 00 buckshot
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In my bed room beside bed is a 7.62x39 AK 47. If I don't have time to grab that It will be the Glock .40 on the night stand. Big Grin
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12 Ga pump
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(09-18-2012, 02:58 PM)Bruce Wrote: 12 Ga pump

Remington 870 is what it used to be, but now I'm rolling with a mossy 535. Going to get an 870 again soon though.
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Whatever is closest at hand. Preferably a 12 gauge shotgun shooting buckshot with the Federal Flite Control wad. A Glock 17 is typically near by though.
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Remington 870 w/ 18" barrel. It's under the bed and ready to go all the time. If, for whatever reason, the 870 is unavailable I have a couple of 45's I can choose from.

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I keep a 1911 on the nightstand, but I have a cabinet full of ARs, shotguns, and a PTR91 at the foot of my bed! Ninja
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