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What? Obama Issues Absurd Prison Food Ban
sgtsandman;172558 Wrote:Very true. I have worked with and around some Muslims and never had a problem. Both in the military and a few foreign nationals. You can tell the ones who are being nice because they have to and the ones who are genuine.

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What's nuts is using Twitter the last few months how many conservatives I've seen get canned over really inconsequential stuff, yet I've seen very large left leaning accounts actually physically threaten people and nothing happens, ISIS posts some shit and it stays up for hours or days. The crazy censorship bias that has been taking hold in the last few months on FB and Twitter is really getting out of hand. Why can't someone create a new social media service where anything goes and doesn't cooperate with government except via court order. In the last few weeks I've seen several significant conservative Twitter accounts get nailed.

Check this out:
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There are a few social media sites that are like what you say. None of them are very big but with the crap Facebook and Twitter is pulling, I think that may be changing.

As far as the double standards, well that's what leftists do. All for me and none for thee.

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