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What to feed a 12 gauge home defense shotgun?
I have been using two Ithaca Mag 10s for home defense and have never had to use them but I figured the 10s would get the job done.

Recently I talked into the purchase of Benelli M-3 12 gauge to use as a replacement for one of the Mag 10s****lighter recoil for the old lady and the brother in law wants to get his hands on a Mag 10.

Being to lazy too do any research I decided to go with a staggered loading in the 12 gauge, 2 rounds of number 4 Buck, followed by 2 rounds of 00 Buck, followed by rifled slugs.

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That's as good a combo as any. I'ma little reluctant on slugs for HD, all though in an all-out SHTF scenario, I'm ALL slugs, ALL the time!
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I get a lot of mileage out of this video. If you want something dead, right now, no matter what, i'd use this. Wait...i do use this. Wink


Remington/Barne 12ga 3" magnum 1oz solid copper sabot slug @ 1650fps. I doubt there is anything on this or any other planet that you could not kill with a single well placed shot.
I'd say a slug or 00 buckshot would do just fine. But I really wouldn't use anything smaller than a #4 shot.
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My vote goes for the 00 buckshot. I know Hornady sells a 5rd box that was relatively inexpensive. Fed pretty well in my 870's.

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Normally 00 buck and/or slugs are used in self-defense shotguns, so I am genuinely curious... why the #4 shot?
rmagill;11470 Wrote:Normally 00 buck and/or slugs are used in self-defense shotguns, so I am genuinely curious... why the #4 shot?

I'm not talking #4 shot**I"m talking number 4 Buckshot, there is a big difference.
One reason for the choice of #4 Buck is there are several PD that use this round for their shotguns for up close and personal ranges of less than 20 yards and there would be no problem of over penetration.
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#4 buck is considered to be the smallest size that will reliably penetrate 12" in gel, which the FBI has arbitrarily stated as the minimum penetration for a defensive cartridge.

I'm going to stick to the 3" magnum sabot slugs. Wink
I still use (and will continue to do so) alternating rounds of frangible slugs and 00 buck.
I keep 4 Federal LE slugs in the speed feed just in case.

With neighbors and other people in the house, standard slugs and buck are not for me.
Some people need to read this book:

My living situation allows for the use of full power deep penetrating that's exactly what i use.

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