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What was your first time like?
Emoticon;115420 Wrote:What was your first time like?

Gosh I was like 5 yrs old, hmmm
Oh and that was long ago... I mean the school I was at in Northern Quebec a few years later expected us to bring our .22 for shooting practice after school!
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First time shooting was with my dad shooting cans off the back deck of our house with his marlin .22. I was probably around 9 or 10 and I got my first rifle (single shot .22) that year for christmas. First handgun was my dads .38. He use to put holes in the burner barrel with it when we got a new one and when I was around 12 or so he let me punch a couple through the new barrel. I got a new gun every year for christmas from 12 to 16. 20 guage single shot, 30-30 lever, 12 guage pump, and .22 revolver. I've been hooked ever since and still have all the guns that dad bought me as a kid. We still shoot together about once a month.
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I was young, probably about 8 or 9. It was at the Daniel Boone Rod and Gun Club. Dad and I were the only ones there at first. I shot his JC Higgins bolt action .22 rifle. We started with a bunch of .22 shorts our neighbor had given us. After I burned through those I stepped up to some LR. I remember being giddy with excitement, as the "real thing" was a whole lot cooler than my pellet rifle. A little later in the day he had me try his Star model F .22 pistol. I remember having terrible control over the pistol and a shot ricocheted off a rock and bounced back at us, complete with the almost movie-like sound effect as it went by. That was about it for that pistol for the day. A little later on someone came by with an M1 Garand, and the noise had me freaked a bit. I always had a thing about loud noises as a kid. The .22 wasn't an issue, but that M1 was like a cannon to me at the time. Of course, that's all laughable now.

As fatherhood creeps closer, the realization that I can someday teach my kid to shoot on dad's old .22 is a cool one to say the least. I had pegged my 10/22 for the job, but thinking of that day in my youth has me changing my tune.
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I was 21. I went to the range with my Dad's old .38 and rented the case for $12.00 and bought lots of ammo. Guns were not allowed in our house not even toy guns and we never talked about them.

I tried to load .380's into the .38 I actually got one if them to go off.
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