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What was your weekend DIY project?
I thought it would be cool to see what kind of weekend DIY projects you guys are doing, show off some, and get ideas from others for our own houses and things...

Ill start it off, just tiled my kitchen backsplash over the weekend. 3x6 marble subway tiles. All told ~$130 in materials and about 8 man hours to complete. It makes the kitchen look so much better imo I wish I had done it a while ago.

[Image: 10609oo.jpg]

[Image: 6zmyqu.jpg]
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I don't have a picture, but I made a pair of 4x8 lattices to mount to the side of my garage for the beans we planted. I have one up, need to hang the other tomorrow.
Oh yeah, I had picked up a green 55 gallon barrel off of CL for $5 earlier this week. I fitted a brass spigot on it today and it's going to be come our first rain barrel after I replace the gutters on the garage.
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Well, the wife and I scraped the lower portion of our house ( poured concrete ) and painted that and the siding under the front of our home.. We had bushes there until last fall. We finally removed them and now the painting is done... now we have to get the area leveled and going to put in some new EASY TO CARE FOR bushes... probably knock-off roses and something else... but one step at a time.. took us about 14 hours total time to get it all done.. but the hard part is now done....
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My gf and I made peach pie moonshine. It's currently aging in my basement. Here's the recipe we found. I'm not going to touch it until July.
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I moved my 800 lb gun-safe from my garage into my house. I've had it out there because that is my FFL business office but it is unheated and mostly useless half the year. On top of that, the temperature shifts weren't doing the guns any favors.

I got it picked up with the forks on my tractor and put it on the deck on top of some 3/4 plywood. I got the shipping feet off and then pushed and used a come along to get it across the deck and up a ramp into the house.

I did it by myself and I feel like I had a hell of a workout today.
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Here's pictures of my two projects:

The rain barrel isn't in place yet, it'll be going on the driveway beside the lattice and the downspout once I replace the gutters on the garage.
[Image: 7i7d.jpg]

They'll be a second 4x8 lattice going up beside this one. This is a late planting of green beans. There's sunflowers coming up to the right of the second lattice.
[Image: r019w.jpg]
We (finally) planted our garden on Memorial Day. 4 kinds of tomatoes, red bells, yellow bells, green bells, jalapenos, banana peppers, pickling cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, lettuce, onions, basil and parsley.

We added a second hutch for our rabbits, and separated all the males and females.

We are in the middle of renovating a room in our house for a new business.
My goal was to dig the chipper out and run a bunch of hedges through it.
but that went array real quick. Pulled it out from under the deck, put gas in and it just continues to flow out of the carb.

Its been a few years since I used it. I will be running to a shop to get it checked out.

Did I ever mention I hate yard work?
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