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What was your weekend DIY project?
I replaced all my 4' Fluorescent tubes in my workshop with LED tubes.  I found this ballast in one fixture had actually caught fire at some point and failed.

[Image: IMG_20170206_131722-e1486417173404.jpg]
I bought myself 115lbs of 64 year old American cast iron.  Dewalt Model 730 Lathe with a 3/4hp Rockwell motor and all the tools for $100.

[Image: IMG_20170501_185119.jpg]
Still rebuilding my trailer from the ground up.

[Image: 4668f342da00b12ae94550e8c443e15d.jpg]

[Image: fe44fa74bb389b1da5c1d37e8b9bf9f8.jpg]

[Image: 7ae27ee7024fbbd412dbf7f8a8bd2a60.jpg]

[Image: 8cc7f7ab60268de6299246409ac79c5e.jpg]

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