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Wheelguns vs Brass Chuckers
So to christen the new forum, I figured I'd start a controversial thread for everyone to get heated over...

Which do you prefer, revolvers or autoloaders? Which do you carry every day (if applicable)? Which do you like to shoot at the range more. Why?

I have to say I do like revolvers a little bit more than autoloaders, but I don't really have one that's useful for EDC (my only centerfire wheelgun is a 6.5" barrel Smith 610, it bangs against tables and chairs when i'm walking around with it in a hip holster). How about you guys?
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Personally I prefer my plastic pieces of crap. I realize that revolvers are a much simpler firearm and therefore less likely to fail in life and death situation but I'd say modern guns have proven to be pretty damn reliable as well.

Then there's the other reasons, like capacity. My XD-9 holds 16+1 from the factory. You can get 19 round mags that fit the same dimensions as the standard mags. You'd need a full wheel and two speed loaders to match that capacity and that brings me to reloading.

I've "professionally" trained with revolvers while working as a Correctional Officer. I've had to use speed loaders during qualifications. I'd say I was one of the fastest in my qualification group. That said, I can reload my XD way faster.

Next up would be feel, I feel a lot more comfortable holding my XD then any revolver I've ever held. I prefer the way they're set up.

With all that said, I do enjoy shooting revolvers and I do like them but I prefer my brass chuckers.
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For what it's worth, revolvers are WAY more complicated than autoloaders, mechanically speaking. That mechanical complexity is required because the revolver is cycled mechanically, instead of relying on the ammunition to cycle.
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I'm a semi auto guy personally. Don't get wrong i really like shooting my dads Super Redhawk 44mag, but i find myself always shooting the semi autos more at the range. I used to carry a 357 mag as a BUG but have since sold that for a small and light semi auto pocket gun. My primary EDC has always been an autoloader. Usually it's my sig p229 in .40
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I like both. For carry right now I have an old S&W Chiefs Special. I also have a Ruger P95 and a Taurus P92. I am very good with the Ruger and getting better with the Taurus but unless I OC the S&W fits right in the waistband with the Bianchi holster. I want to get a Ruger SR9c but i just dont have the extra cash right now. I trust the Ruger with out question. So I would say I like the Brass chuckers a little bit more.
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Revolvers are the women you admire, because their beauty is unmistakeable. When you get your hands on them, you relish the feel of them, and you never savor every pull of their trigger and you know you'll be satisfied.

Semi autos can be just as attractive, but you hit them hard and fast, and while there is no reason you can't take it slow you just want to slam that trigger as hard and fast as you can.

In short, revolvers are like making love. Semis are like fucking.

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Wheelguns sure make brass recovery easier.
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Depends more on the expected activity. Though for most "social" occasions I do just fine with a revolver.
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I have a love affair with revolvers but I trust my life to auto-loaders.

wheel guns are just to hard to shoot accurately for me, long trigger pull, etc etc

The autoloader is on point with me.

I do LOVE wheel guns though, I love the design, the sound of the hammer being clicked back, the weight in my hand, and the history of them.

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I don't discriminate against either.
I have a dream that wheelguns and Brass Chuckers can live in harmony in my safe.
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