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When Trespass warnings don't work

Owner: Loitering teens taking over Detroit gas station, driving business away

Quote:The owner, and father of four, says he would walk away from his business if he didn't owe so much on it.

Meanwhile, he keeps working and keeps hoping that the teens decide to leave.

Detroit police tell FOX 2 they'll continue to respond to calls from the station. The owner says he may hire an off-duty officer to help keep his business secure during peak hours.

So the police show up, chase them away, but probably never actually issue any citations for trespass? Yup, great system they got out there.
He needs to buy one of these.
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when trespass warnings don't work. rock salt by 12a. does.
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Already being discussed here:
rmagill;19894 Wrote:Already being discussed here:

You might want to double-check the timestamps. This thread was started first. The one you linked to was started some 30 hours later. Wink
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