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When was the last time....
You pulled that firearm out that you haven't shot in a while and ran a light coat of oil over and through it?

Your public service announcement!
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My father only owns one gun...a ruger sp101. He keeps it in a lockbox next to his bed and never shoots it. Once every 3 months I'll put a few rounds through it and clean it. If I don't shoot it, I'll still clean it.
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AK's don't need oil! :p

Actually, just did all my guns the other day. Accidentally left the boys 22's outside overnight a few weeks ago and had to do some minor surface repairs.

I got some of Hoppes oil wipes and I really like them!
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I have a Mosin and a .22 rifle and I think I paid well under $200 combined for the two of them. I'll look over the exterior and run a bore snake through 'em and examine the bores, but they don't get a tear down if I haven't shot them.

The M4 in the same safe gets a more extensive treatment. Even if I haven't put a round through it I'll clean/lube it as though I have, probably every month or two. The cases and heater keep things nice in there, but the M4 was a bigger investment and it's what I'll be relying on if I ever have to reach into that safe for reasons other than fun.

The pistol (1911) I carry daily gets field stripped, cleaned, and lubed about every 2-4 weeks if I haven't shot it. It doesn't need it, I just enjoy doing it, but because I open carry it does get subjected to the elements more than any firearm I own.
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At least twice a year, I grab whatever hasn't been shot in a while and run an oily patch down the barrel and wipe the outside down with a Rem oil soaked rag. I once saw a guy show up to a Turkey Shoot with a barrel that half of it was in full blown rust. Personally, I don't think they should have let him shoot it and secondly you wouldn't have caught me in public with a firearm that I had abused so much. I just pulled both my shotguns and ran them, my 12 Ga and .410, which made me think of this. I guess at least his actions, or lack thereof, serve as an indelible reminder.
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Ever watch Swamp People? I don't know if some of those guys ever clean their guns. A few of them have old, rusty guns. With the money they make, you would think they could afford a basic ruger 10/22.
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Probably every six months or so I will inspect and lightly oil any firearms that I haven't shot within that time frame.
I hate cleaning weapons, but I hate weapons that don't work from being dirty even more.
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Carry guns, I strip and clean about once a month. Everything else gets cleaned and oiled at least 2-3 times a year. It usually takes a couple days to go through everything in the gun cabinets, but I like to keep the rust at bay. Anything I take to the range gets cleaned the next day usually. If I shoot anything corrosive they get cleaned as soon as I get home. I learned my lesson years ago with guns I rarely shot when some developed surface rust on them. Now I keep everything oiled and clean.
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(07-04-2015, 10:31 AM)Ten*K Wrote: I hate cleaning weapons, but I hate weapons that don't work from being dirty even more.

The military taught me to hate cleaning weapons even more than I did before, since it always seemed like we only had a handful of cleaning kits and a couple hundred weapons to clean. Then I found out that the trick was to steal your own cleaning kit, which all old heads had already done, sneak away from the crowd, and clean yours somewhere else. Anyway, it also taught me the value of cleaning them.
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