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Where to shoot near Shenandoah?
I'm asking on behalf of my brother, who recently moved there. He barely knows the town. Also, what's the usual turnaround time at the courthouse for LTCFs?
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I don't have answers to your questions exactly, but I feel sorry for your brother if he moved into the asshole of Pennsylvania. I live 15 minutes away from "shendoh" and the only time I ever go there is for delicious kielbasa.

There should be some great old coal lands there to shoot on (just have to make sure you aren't trespassing). I've never been here, but I hear there is a place in St. Clair that is popular among shooters in the area. St. Clair is only 15-20 minutes down the road. From what I understand, people try to keep the St. Clear location "hush hush" and there is a dedicated group of shooters from the Pottsville area that upkeep the area. I've never actually been here myself, so maybe another forum member can give you some more information.

Last I heard, they mail the license out on a week or two. Somebody that actually lives in skook should be able to give you a better answer for this.
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Mainville Sportsman Club

Not too far up the road. There are a couple other small clubs near by but I'm not very familiar with them other than seeing signs while driving by.
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How about an SGL range?
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So, nothing?
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LTCF turn around in Schuylkill County is about 1-2 weeks. My boss took 1 week, his was a renewal I think, mine and a friend's took 2 for new application.

As far as places to shoot, St. Clair (Burma Road) is an unofficial range that's been around forever. There are locals who try to keep it decent. It's a no rules kind of place, and anyone can go. The last few times I tried to go, it was so packed that it wasn't worth it, or the people there were ignorant about someone else showing up. I've also been there at times where alcohol was involved and little kids running around.

In Frackville, down the road from Shendo, I just joined at South End Field and Stream Association. $20/year for range use. Nice and clean, they have rules, and range officers. It's a 100yd range, but you need to supply your own target stand. And they want you to clean up after yourself, garbage, brass, etc.

Another club that seems to be popular is Tulpehocken Rifle and Pistol Club in the Pine Grove area. I don't know much about it yet. I'd like to join, since it's close to my work.

I'm from the southern part of Schuylkill County, and it seems most of the clubs in my area are based around trap shooting. So not much in the way of a ranges down here.

There is a SGL range in northern Berks County, right on the other side of the Blue Mountain. And I think there is one somewhere in Carbon County. I'm not sure what else is around.
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