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Which Gun for the Mrs.?
Which Gun for the Mrs.?
Kelly Grayson, the blogger known as Ambulance Driver, describes his experiences in choosing a firearm for his significant other. And explains why he carries a .38 Spl. revolver with pink grips.

By Kelly Grayson (RSS)
November 17, 2014

“I want a gun.”

Ahhh, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Don’t screw this up.
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That depends... What did she do?
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Goes to show, don't pick a gun for you significant other, let them get the one they like. My wife want an SR22 when she decided that she wanted to start shooting (it took a lot of years to get her to this point). I got it for her, in the lilac color, like SHE wanted. I did not teach her either, we have a friend whose wife is a firearms instructor (NRA Women On Target) and she was the one who taught her. She's now ready to go a bit bigger and has handled a LC9s and likes it so that's the next one I get her. She got her LTCF and right now the SR22 goes in a Pistol Packin Mama handbag.
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Agreed. Don't pick the pistol for her. Let her pick it since she will be the one that has to use it. A friend of mine likes her XDs in .45ACP but she worked her way up from a .380 as an initial purchase.

She has to be comfortable with whatever she gets and needs to be able to reach and operate all the controls. That is something that a man, who typically has larger hands, can't judge for her.
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My wife uses and is surprisingly decent with a 3" barreled Ruger SP-101. She likes it; and, so far, her only complaint is that, 'It's a little heavy.' (A complaint I suspect I'd have heard no matter what she carried; but you should see how well she handles full-house 357's!)

To my surprise (because they're expensive) several of her older female acquaintances carry FN/USA, 'Five-seveN' (USG) pistols. I've noticed that women seem to prefer using 5-7's, and suspect this is due to the: lightweight of the pistol, high magazine capacity, and very light recoil. The only complaint I've heard any of these women make about the, 'Five-seveN' is that, 'It's a big pistol and takes up a lot of room in a handbag.'
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Mrs_Gixxer has been shooting all her life but I think the first pistol she's shot was my Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II in .45 cal. She loved shooting that thing. Recoil isn't an issue for her.
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