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Which Prop do you Love to Hate?
The Muffin Man;82002 Wrote:At the BHTC rifle match in Lewistown, we shot from a picnic table suspended with rope from the rafters...

We started from off the table, had to climb on, get in position (prone), and hit a steel at 600 yards.

One of my all time faves.

Even though I'm not much of a rifle shooter (I do have a fondness for them), that sounds like a lot of fun.

ivwarrior;82052 Wrote:Hmmm....we have a platform like that earthquake chair at Lewistown...... might have to try that out.

When we used it, (just made last year) you started on the ground, stepped up on the platform, and had to get 6 hits on a mover that was activated by a pressure plate you stepped onto before stepping onto the platform... Unfortunately, it was the only target on the stage, and was a disappearing target. We ended up with a shooter who lost his balance getting on the platform, and never got a shot off on the stage. Lesson learned there, never have a disappearing target as your only target on a stage. Kinda hard to score a shooter, when the timer is still reading 0.00

Yeah, no time on the timer creates a bit of a problem. I've used those pressure plates a few times (as a shooter) but I would like to play with them as a stage designer. I shoot mostly USPSA (when it is in-season) and think they could be pretty versatile, given enough cable.
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