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White House fence v2.0
Another example of the mental prowess of our gummerment's problem solving:
Meet the New White House Fence ?Buffer Zone? - Washington Wire - WSJ

The new outer fence is just over waist-high and runs along the sidewalk in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue from West Executive Avenue to East Executive Avenue. The result is a roughly eight-foot no-man’s land outside the permanent iron fence that encloses the grounds.

Why do I have the feeling that Biden came up with this measure?:
Biden: "All we need is a shorter fence in front of the taller one and that will solve everything!"
Secret Service Agent 1: "How would that stop them?"
Biden: "They would have to take a running start and hurdle the first fence, in turn they would still be in the air and slam into the second fence. Problem solved."
Secret Service Agent 1: "But sir, couldn't the perp just climb over..."
Secret Service Agent 2: "Don't bother, you will just confuse him further."
Secret Service Agent 1: "You're right, Mr. Vice President we will get right on erecting the second shorter fence."
Biden (laughing uncontrollably): "He said erecting."
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The next time they have a budget crunch and need to close some monuments they'll know right were to get the fence to do that.
I think an alligator filled moat with a drawbridge would be more fitting for the seige mentality.
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Heres an idea... realize that #1 people jumping the fence is absolutely nothing new, and #2 the Secret Service is done giving a shit about Resident O.
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The fortification of the White House is abhorrent to American values, it represents the downward spiral of the nation as a while. It just mirrors the expansion of the police state more than anything else. Lets look at the progression that I can remember from what I've heard and what I've seen in my lifetime the dates are probably off I'm just trying to think from memory for a general outline of the progression...

1940's: Anyone could walk into the people's house, the door was unlocked.

After WW2: WH closed to the public in general without special permission.

1996: Someone opened fire on the White House from the fence line, the road out front of the WH, the road in front of the WH near the fence remained open.

Late 90's: The road out front of the WH is closed.

>2005: Concrete barriers put up close to the fence with guards stationed in between them.

2014: Another fence line is erected.

So what we see is over time the WH looks more and more like a prison or the Ministry of Peace in 1984. What next? Top the fence with razor wire? Add searchlights to the roof? Maybe dig some trenches on the south lawn and build some sandbag walls with machine gun emplacements? Brick up the windows into little slit gun ports? What about a 15 foot high concrete perimeter wall? How about SAM sites visible on the roof? It's disgusting, the changes they are making are abhorrent to the way we wish to portray American values. Americans do not live in fear and there should be no reason for the WH door to be locked because if you get that close to try the handle it should be because you belong there or have been granted access or you are bleeding out on the lawn and leaving a red smear down the door.

The more government imposes itself on the people, the more anti-government sentiment is created, and as a result the government increasingly fears the people and continues to fortify the WH with every hostile event. The more disconnected the government gets from it's people the more it is reflected in how the people's house becomes more inaccessible. I'm not saying the president doesn't need protecting, however, the goal should be to make the security around the WH invisible. A man of the people has little to fear from the populous as a whole. A dictator on the other hand has a great deal to fear from the people and that is often reflected in the design of the dictator's palace. What we have is a slowly emerging dictatorship, and every facet of our society is beginning to reflect the change including the WH.

Also if they really wanted to stop intruders from making it across the lawn why didn't they install nearly invisible LRADs on the building ages ago? They use them on ships already to stop pirates. Or what about the microwave ADS device they developed which makes your skin feel like its on fire? I think that would stop most threats from making it anywhere near the build while maintaining a low profile and prevent the WH from looking like a prison. A combination of both would probably stop pretty much all non-super humans leaving lethal force as an option if they make it past those devices.
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These kids that jump buildings could breach that in a second. Think about it, you walk up in front of the short fence with a milk crate, flip it upside down and walk perpendicular to the short fence, 20' or so. Take a run. One foot on the milk crate, bound to the short fence and launch yourself over the tall one.....
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I don't think the article mentioned it, but the short fence sections are held together with plastic zip-ties.
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Hey look, there's a border the feds are interested in protecting.
streaker69;154001 Wrote:Hey look, there's a border the feds are interested in protecting.

Well, looked what happend to the country when one foreigner* got in Smile

*No, I don't think our prez is an illegal or kenyan...but it makes for a good joke.
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And then there is the obscure option of locking the front door. Shrug
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