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Who Are the Mayors Against Guns?
Here is a list of PA mayors who are a member of Bloomberg's Mayor Against Illegal Guns or as I like to say, Mayors Against All Guns. It's a large group so I put it into a PDF to view. You might be surprised to see all the names on the list. If you're mayor is on the list you may want to contact him/her to see if they want to change their position since they probably joined thinking it was some feel good group. I mean who could not be against illegal guns?

PA Members of Mayors Against Illegal (ALL) Guns
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Thanks Bob, that gives us a nice list. Now everyone who lives in a town associated with one of these asshats can make a point of working against them in all future elections.
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That was surprising to see. The mayor of my closest neighboring burough (right up the street) is on the list. Very upsetting.
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I'm pretty sure many of these mayors got suckered into signing up back when Bloomberg started it up. If I was marketing it for him, we'd have sent out a great looking mailing piece discussing all the issues cities - large and small - have with violence and wouldn't be great to get illegal guns off the streets!

They probably just signed up without a second thought when they were approached by Bloomberg over the last 7 years. That's how long he's been at it with this group. If they had used their heads they would have figured out Bloomberg wants to control the world.

The real question now is, "Why haven't the Mayors told the organization to pound salt and put a press release or have a press conference to denounce the group now that they know this is a gun grab and that the Mayors Against are really against all guns?"

If you want to throw up, go to their website, especially their opinions page.
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