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Who Wants Obama to Win?

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I'm getting a broken image link, which makes me suspect the 'puppies' you're showing are the soft and wonderful hairless twin kind....
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Camper;33472 Wrote:
IronSight;33466 Wrote:He praises the gun laws he signs, yet he just now doesn't want more of them. Sure he doesn't, at least not while he needs your votes he doesn't. Just wait till he doesn't need your votes anymore.

Here's what the guy you said you're voting for said he wants:

Obama in 2nd Presidential Debate, October 2012 Wrote:But weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don't belong on our streets. Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.

And you're worried about Romney....

Question for you, if you think Obama doesn't stand a chance of enacting gun legislation, why are you assuming Romney does?

Because many Republicans are only 'pro-gun' when democrats are pushing gun legislation. If a fellow Republican is on board the game changes. Obama won't have a cooperative congress, Romney will.

Romney will also use that cooperative congress to push for far right social bullshit like passing another don't ask don't tell or bs constitutional amendment, which I adamently oppose. This isn't a single issue election in my view.

And Valorius, stay classy pal, stay classy. How about I just call you a dumbass too? You like that?
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Yup, another one degenerated. Let's just say that everything that could be said has been said, at least a dozen times and call it quits?

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