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Who Won the FOX GOP Debate for you? Answer with one word, then your blovo :-)
If Trump doesn't win the nomination he will throw a tantrum like a child and go 3rd party and destroy the chances of a conservative pres completely. At least then we will see him for the Clinton plant he is and maybe if we are lucky the "conservatives" who are being hoodwinked by him will maybe learn to actually learn a little about the candidates before pulling the lever and not just go for the lip service.
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He is starting to tell people he won't run 3rd. Probably because they were threatening to force a commitment from all the candidates.

He is really entertaining. It was funny watching him send away the reporter, and cool that he is boycotting Oreos. Fascinating guy. It would be a lot of fun seeing him run the country for the first Even though I'm not a fan, I'm beginning to think that it would hopefully put some liberals through what we have had to endure with Obama....sheer lunacy! That might actually be worth it! Tongue

Honestly I almost don't care who we get, as long as it's a Republican who isn't Bush or Christie. At this point, we don't have a whole lot to lose.
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