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Why I hate "Common sense gun control"
Just two quick thoughts...

Has anyone noticed how they anti's are throwing the terms "common sense gun control" and "gun reform" all the time now? It drives me up the wall almost as much as hearing politicians say, "magazine-clips" I think they're pulling an "undocumented worker" job on us trying to change the language again. Adding the "common sense" prefix to gun control makes it seem like any opposition to gun control is an opposition to "common sense". I encourage the lot of you to put a stop to this phrase whenever you hear it. There is not "common sense" in background checks.

Also I think we're going to start seeing the phrase "gun reform" instead of gun control all over now. The anti's are beginning to understand the negative connotation that "gun control" carries and they can begin with a sort of fresh slate destroying the connotation "gun reform" creates in people's minds when they hear it.
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I always point out the fallacy of "common sense" gun control. You're absolutely right, it's just a tactic they use to sway the weak minded.

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Unfortunately for us this is a tactic that works quite well on the simple minded and you are absolutely right on all accounts of the intent behind those that started it.
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More commonly I'm seeing conservatives using this language too.
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Emoticon;95995 Wrote:More commonly I'm seeing conservatives using this language too.

for this reason, I always correct gun violence, common sense, and assualt rifles. those are dirty words in my house.
Common sense debt reduction, common sense federal budget, common sense entitlement cuts....

The right REALLY needs to turn the tables on the left by feeding them their own bullshit words.
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There is a lot of common nonsense talk going on these days. Not just about guns.
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"Common sense," translated means: "You, and particularly I, don't need to do research or get any actual facts in order to pass legislation. We just need to use common sense."

It's also a fine label to use when confronted by facts which don't fit with someone's assumptions:

"Rifles are used in a miniscule number of gun crimes."

"But getting AR15s 'off the streets' will still save many lives! It's just common sense!"

It's as impervious an argument as the "Hitler card."

"Well Hitler did this, so we shouldn't, because you wouldn't want to do what HITLER did, would you?"

"Well, no, but I'm sorry, I really, really, have to go take a crap!"
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I too, am sick of hearing the term "common sense" and have been waging war against this foolishness.

More gun control laws that only effect law-abiding people is not common sense and does nothing about criminal control.
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