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Why Is Obama Treating Christians Different Than Muslims?
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Why Is Obama Treating Christians Differently than Muslims White House Press Secretary Has No Good Answer

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In a recent presidential press brief, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was under the gun for a statement he made concerning the recent beheadings of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men by the terrorist group, ISIS. Earnest had responded to the murders, on behalf of President Obama, by condemning the actions. However, in his written statement, he referred to the men as “citizens,” rather than Christians.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry pressed Earnest on why he chose that language, since the video of the beheadings made it clear the men were killed because of their Christian faith. The motivation was so clear that even Pope Francis spoke out on the subject.

Henry also pointed out that the President had issued a statement on the murders of three young people in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and had referred to the religious faith of the victims. The case is being investigated as a possible hate crime, although the motivation of the killer is still undetermined. If Obama was willing to cite the religion of the Muslim victims, why did he not accord the same status to the Christian victims of ISIS?

Earnest backtracked, citing Obama’s recent prayer breakfast statement affirming the importance of freedom of religion.
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Why does the government treat anyone different based on their religious ideology or lack thereof? Evil deeds are bad enough in and of themselves.
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You need to get off your high horse. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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It's simple. You can argue all day about whether Obama himself is a Muslim himself or not, that really doesn't matter. On the other hand it is an undisputed fact that where he was raised in Indonesia has a very significant Muslim population and the people who he was surrounded by like his mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a Muslim as a matter of fact, none of them it seems where the jihadist brand though which has proved to bias his opinion of Muslims in general and blinded him to the fact that there are dangerous fanatical Muslims who cannot exist in a modern society like Boko Haram, Al Queda, and ISIS. Whether he is actually a Muslim or not it doesn't change the fact that he is absolutely a Muslim sympathizer and believes that they can do no wrong. He grew up in Muslim areas not Christian ones like the rest of us, its no surprise then that he puts stock in one more than the other.

What bothers me most is how Obama keeps calling it ISIL instead of ISIS. The "L" for Levant includes the territory that Israel occupies that ISIS believes they are entitled to. It's like if Hitler called his movement something that included the geographical areas of Poland and France the name as his sovereign right and Roosevelt acknowledged it by using that name. I'm no fan of Israel, but I don't think our president ought to be reaffirming the goals of a terrorist organization and giving credence to an illegitimate state and territories that are not occupied by them. If I were president I would be calling exactly that, an illegitimate terrorist state. It's not a mistake I believe that our media keeps calling it ISIS and our president keeps calling it ISIL as a nod to them.
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