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Wilderness Tactical Safepacker
I've been looking for something to carry my Taurus Tracker .44 in, while hiking or backpacking, and I thought I would give this Wilderness Tactical Safepacker a try.

First, it is way more expensive than it should be, and you have to buy the shoulder strap separately. To its credit, though, it is very well made, and they offer different sizes that should cover just about any firearm that you have.

That said, I have had this for YEARS, but have only recently begun to use it in the woods. It was actually shoved in a box, forgotten, all that time.

Anyway, I've been carrying with my while I was testing the 5.11 Rush 12, and so far, so good. I wrap the shoulder strap in a hanky for comfort, and so far, I've barely noticed that it was there, while hiking. I wish I could find a better solution, but I don't want something that goes around the waist or under my packs shoulder straps. Although my 5.11 Rush 12 doesn't have a waist strap, my backpack does, so it would render any waist worn product, useless. For now, this is doing just fine. Plus, when I drop the backpack, I can keep the Safepacker with me.

No one has discerned that I'm carrying a gun in it, so far..., or at least no one has said anything. I think it looks like a camera bag to the casual observer.

Here's some pics;

[Image: P1000977_zps9b7135d0.jpg]

The main pocket has a velcro opening, for quick access to your firearm.

[Image: P1000978_zps0b034d1a.jpg]

Here's my Tracker tucked in.

[Image: P1000979_zpsc0b7f594.jpg]

Just fits.

[Image: P1000980_zps118257c8.jpg]

Main pocket closed. It has an adjustable strap, with velcro backing, as shown.

[Image: P1000981_zps81e1f086.jpg]

I like that feature because when you get it cinched down, the strap stays put with the velcro.

[Image: P1000982_zps2837f701.jpg]

The main flap also has a small pocket. I'm going to keep a bore snake and small bottle of oil in here.

[Image: P1000983_zps37bc173a.jpg]

So there you have it. Not a bad solution for CCW in the woods. Like I said, I wish I had a better solution, but so far, it has actually done better than I thought it would, so maybe it eventually erase the desire for something else.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Ruger has a similar product that looks like it will fit the Taurus Tracker .44 too. It's only $50, but is pretty similar to that design. Link

[Image: 107q63d.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
It doesn't look like it conceals, and those look like shoulder straps. It is nice, though!

[Image: pafoasig.png]
JustinHEMI;110784 Wrote:It doesn't look like it conceals, and those look like shoulder straps. It is nice, though!


You can always replace the straps, but yeah I see your point about concealment, unless you were hiking in the winter time with a jacket over top. Hmmmm, maybe you should invent a design, patent it, then sell it to a holster company?
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I'll test it for you! Big Grin

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I wish I had known about Maxpedition back when I bought the Safepacker, but now that I do, I know that they offer a MUCH better shoulder strap than Wilderness Tactical. So, if you're thinking of picking up a safepacker and need a shoulder strap, I recommend Maxpedition.

[Image: pafoasig.png]

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