Poll: Will a high capacity mag ban or reinstatement of the expired AWB have any effect on you?
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Will a high capacity mag ban or AWB actually have any efffect on you?
In reality a high capacity mag ban or reinstatement of the 2004 expired AWB will have absolutely no effect on me.

Will it have an effect on you?
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Depends on the definition of the word "ban".
MrPeanut;59390 Wrote:In reality a high capacity mag ban or reinstatement of the 2004 expired AWB will have absolutely no effect on me.

Will it have an effect on you?

I'm assuming that you say it won't have an effect on you because you either own everything you already want or you don't own anything that would be affected by a ban?
Even if I owned everything I wanted that currently exists, it would be tough to say that it wouldn't affect me because it would definitely stifle research and development for things that otherwise could/would be created. For example, before the PMR existed, I wouldn't have thought to tell you I wanted one. We can only hope that if one is put in place, they have the good sense to keep the sunset clause. I have enough to hold me over for a while.
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Voted yes, because I will need to purchase 10 round mags.
It's doubtful I would carry a high cap mag off of my property.
There will be too many leo's falsely seizing high cap mags, IMO.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
Depends on the ban.

If the ban also includes .22LR replicas, then yes it affects me.
Do I have everything I need? Yeah. Do I have everything I want? No.

You forgot about the ammo restrictions/limits as well that are being talked about. Those would most definitely effect me.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Yes, the ban will affect me.

Whether or not I actually have any of, or plan to get, items that may be banned have no relevance to me.

What matters to me is the foot in the door to other things. Ban this today and that tomorrow. Once taken, it's hard to get back, once taken their lust for more will take over.
It affects me. Even though there is nothing I really want to buy right now, it applies to me because:

3) Depending on the ban, we might have to get rid of firearms/mags we currently own (either by law or how it will be enforced)
2) I will be limited in my options for what I can buy

1) It is an infringement on my right to keep and bear arms, when the CotUS specifially says this right shall not be infringed. Another AWB affects every US citizen because it is the erosion of our rights and constitution. There is no way such a thing cannot and will not affect every person.

ETA: Can't type.
When rights are stripped or curtailed it affects EVERYONE.
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