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Winchester 1300 defender, yay or nay?
For about $140. The aluminum receiver has some dings n scrapes, and someone banged hell around the trigger pin. Looked down the barrel, looks immaculate as does the wood furniture. Bluing is worn in places, one or two spots of rust. Looks mechanically sound. What should I be looking for by way of defects, and should I consider it as an HD shotgun?
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A defender with wood furniture? I thought they were all black? I have one, I like it. Never had an problem with it.
i have a 1200 winchester with a 28" barrel i got for my 14th birthday (1969) and a stainless 1300 with a 18 1/2 barrel i got in 1991.

both have been flawless
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I also have a 1200.

I would buy it for the $140.00.
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I would buy anything for $140.

I'd rather have an old, broken-in gun sometimes than a new production model the way everything has been cheapened these days.

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