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Winter camping?
I was just thinking. I like to go camping. I love it. And there have been many times where I have gone out into the woods, with just my bug out bag. Now granted, in my bag there is a small tarp, so I had some shelter. And I did drive out a ways, and worst case could have slept in my car.

But with these last few chilly days, I was thinking about a winter camping trip. Granted, you can change a few things around. Carry extra warm clothes, instead of bug repellent. And a sleeping bag would pretty much be a must.

It would change the whole scenario. Instead of just making yourself comfy, and eating some food, getting some sleep and saying "Hey, I did it". You would have the crippling cold for the main part.

I don't have alot of winter gear. Some yes, but not enough. And I had just been thinking about the weather changing, and what might change for a bug out bag.

Honestly, if some folks want to get together, and we can find someone with a little property that would work, we could get a small group go out, and "survive" a night or two. Compare gear. Share tips, and suggestions.

Anyone up for it?
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I have already changed my B.O.B. for the winter. My wool blanket is rolled tight along with a sleeping bag liner, as well as the other standard items. The water in my bottles has been lowered in case of freezing. last year I kept the bottles on the passengers side floor board. the bottles never froze to a solid block. Sleeping or just surviving in the cold is and can be a challenge. For the winter and ground sleeping you need a good ground cover. The ground will suck the cold from you fast. If you have a good tarp and have means to build a fire, you should be set very well. In case of an emergency where you have no ground mat, a good thick bedding of sticks, leaves or pine bows can suffice. For a quick and very hot fire look into Thermite. You can even weld with this stuff. Its a shame we are so far apart for a camping trip or I would join ya.
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As an "old fart" my idea of winter (or summer) camping is a little different than most.

Tents, both pup and GP medium or large are out, sleeping on the ground is out, and what I call Ancient camping is out. Been there/done that for more years than I want to remember; when I was young, stupid, and teaching the kids a useful skill.

With age comes wisdom. When I camp these days it in my motor home with all the creature comforts, stove, oven, mirco wave, furance, hot water tank, shower, propane grill, refrig, hot water tank, lawn chairs, and comfortable and dry bed.

The motor home is my hunting camp, my travel companion, and get away. [/u]
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My homeless clients manage... We give them mil-surp pup tents and some tarps and they make the best out of it... They wear a couple layers and get in the sleeping bag and they're good. Only problem is convincing them they need to take off their shoes. I've seen more trench foot than I care to think about...

Winter camping depends on two things. Wind and snow. If there is a lot of snow, you're in the clear, as snow makes a great insulator. However, little snow and a lot of wind, might as well sleep outside...

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My uncle was an infantryman in the US Army in the late 1960s and maybe even into the early 1970s. Anyways, he said the coldest winters he ever experienced were when he was stationed in Germany. He said when they would go out on multiple day field operations, they would have to sleep directly under trees because the snow would bury them during the night, and tanks were always running over sleeping soldiers. They also use to take their hot coffee in their canteens and use it to keep their hands warm. Once their coffee was no longer hot they would just dump it out. My uncle passed away, but whenever he spoke about the winters in Germany his body would always briefly shake from just thinking about how cold they were.
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You guys are crazy ! the idea is pleasure right ?
Things that I have for total pleasure :

Tent-North Face Mountain Hut 4-season tent.

Sleeping bag-Synthetic , down doesn't hold up , absorbs moisture from your
body after extended use but syn.- Good to -50 moisture ok !

Insulated sleeping pad under sleepin bag a must 3/4 in. min. , Two Alpinist Lamps , Keeps inside warm and dry !

Camp stove , MRS multi fuel-You can't build a fire on a 10ft snow base ! Cook Kit , pan etc.

Extra fuel-the alulminum bottle type plus extra for water , must melt snow for water !

Double up on calories , sleep nice and warm , Chocolate , etc.

Foods any thing but,My sleeping bag is extra long so I can store in
bottom! but weight is improtant..! Just add water stuff ok but , need to replace fat , junk food !

Deep snow-snow shoes or skis , Book to read in extreme conditions .You can not walk in 5ft snow ..!

Never try to make it beyond equip. ratings ,or your own limtations , could kill you ...!

Try all new stuff in back yard first and be familliar with all equip.! Clothing , Don't be a bone head .......Big Grin

Back pack-The longer you stay the bigger you need , don't ask, we could feel this thread with just that 1 item !

Took me three years to get absolutly right but I am extreme...! I could do a thread on each line here so nut shell version !

Yo , What's Vertical Man..!................Big Grin
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I'd add a mylar emergency blanket to the bag if there isn't one already. It would be used to reflect body heat back toward your body. When I winter camp, I put one on top of my iso mat under my sleeping bag. They don't weigh much or take up much space.
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Also - camping with sled........Yes, for the old fart like me packs can be
DAMN heavy , how long , where , expected conditions , but always know your turf , temp , Geo . research , for the bold of heart can go anywhere , anytime , you are the limit ,etc......................! Have fun ..! Oh yeah , and in total comfort , one trip in Jan.
BC Canadian Rockies ,-55 , wind gusts , up to 100+ MPH ,wind chill , -130 est.. Comma , of couse not , I'm still standing ain't I ?< Grammatical joke ..!
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Special Odd n Ends:

Gadgets and doo-hickies :

Dwyer wind speed gauge. Can.t figure wind chill on your ass without one.!

Tayor recording thermo......MIN-MAX Temp.

Thommen pocket transit , or , compass .

Thommen Altimeter , barometer.NO BATTERIES Analog , mech. , pricey but worth it !

With compass and altimeter one can fore-cast one's incoming weather trends , a very nice thing to know , fore warned !!!

Alpinists lantern : Spring loaded 9 hour waxless candle lantern , I love these frackers , r warmth , light , Beautiful !

Zipper pull thermo. for quick on the know .....! Again , have fun..!

I have no faith in flash-lites unless you keep them warm , typical battery
at zero degrees is 70% already dead. Keep it Vertical ....! Big Grin
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Weather trends and phenomenon : Winter camping !

Rule of thumb:

Wind out of west , moderate conditions Semi cloudy , semi windy !

Wind out of south , warmer but wetter , so,so......!

Wind out of east , batton down , bad weather relative to low pressure
on coming front , nasty , winds , precip. .HELP............!!

Winds out of north , dry but kill you cold , again ....HELP..!

PS: Hope that helps and again..................Help ..!

Phenomenon ; Great lakes , mountains , etc. throw rule of thumb away some times !
Yo , again , Keep it Vertical Man.....!
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