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Woman Shoots Man to Death with Rifle then Videotapes Body at Texas Gas Station
Quote:HOUSTON—A rifle-toting woman shot and killed a man Sunday evening during an altercation at a gas station in southeast Houston, and it was all captured on surveillance video.

It happened in the 6800 block of Cullen Boulevard shortly before 7 p.m. at the Gulf gas station, according to Houston police.

Surveillance video shows a woman, who was dressed in camouflage shorts and a white t-shirt, arguing with a man near the gas pumps. At some point, she pulled out a rifle from the trunk of her vehicle and pointed it at the man,

That is when the man took a swing at her, knocking her backward. The woman then aimed her rifle directly at him and fired off several rounds.
To witnesses' surprise, she then pulled out her cell phone and recorded the body lying on the ground.

The victim, identified by family members as 58-year-old Lewis Daniels, died at the scene. A knife was also found on the ground near him.

It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
"To witnesses' surprise, she then pulled out her cell phone and recorded the body lying on the ground."

Anyone check World Star Hip Hop's site yet? Angel
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

Never piss off a woman that has a firearm in her hands, NEVER.
When all around you is falling apart, grab another beer and smile.
Smart woman, got everything recorded before the knife could vanish.
He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting "All the Gods are bastards."
I'd like to see the extent of her injuries before she used lethal force. Wink
Somebody picked the wrong gal.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson
The MORON reporter say's the guy swung the umbrella at her, when in fact it was his other hand which possibly had a knife in it. The right hand with the umbrella never swung at all.

The way the guy was standing, you could tell he was trying to hide what was in his left hand.

I swear, the fucking media could not accurately report a damn coin toss and get it correct, even while showing the coin as it lay heads up on the ground, on camera.
My guidance counselor said I wouldn't amount to anything... Lucky guess! Dodgy

[Image: mikey1j.jpg]

I wonder if that man could have been Obama too ???
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............

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