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Woman throws rocks, sicks dogs on local news reporter and it’s all CAUGHT ON VIDEO
Camper;104702 Wrote:
worker987;104678 Wrote:Agreed......whore media looks for got what it deserved

It deserved ratings? More people have seen this now all over the world, than had she just given the interview.

No - the reporter got what SHE deserved!
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What she did dosen't bother me all that much. She was arrested and will probably be punished for her actions as she should be. I just have a feeling that there is more video than was shown. I think they may have been pestering the woman. If they were not I think there may have been other crews.

They probably should have left as soon as the woman threw the rock.
You have a right to protect yourself and a duty to protect your family.
"dumb white bitch". I guess racism IS a one way street.
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

Emptymag;104553 Wrote:My guess... they (news) were the last straw after being harassed by every other reporter in town.

Fuck that. There is no excuse for her actions what-so-ever. If she didn't want to be on the news she should have gone inside and refused to answer the door and told them to leave. This dumb bitch got exactly what she didn't want though... Now she's on the national news and will without a doubt land a felony conviction on her own stupid ass. Looks like a scumbag bigoted racist to me.
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