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Woohoo!! I.O. Hellpup
I WON!! Big Grin

I won the raffle at the NCCSC club meeting tonight!! I don't even know what to say... I never win anything... And tonight I won a firearm that has been on my short list of "want to haves" for years. [Image: passout.gif]

It is ugly and heavy and I can't freaking wait to get it to the range!! [Image: bigun2.gif]

Yup... It's an Inter Ordnance Hellpup AK pistol. [Image: buttrock.gif]

[Image: hellpup.jpg]
Congrats! Free stuff is awesome. Free firearms are awesomer.
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
Although the reviews are mixed on these I'd still take one of these over a PAP any day. Free is good too thoughBig Grin

Congrats and welcome to the AK pistol club!!! I never win anything either....

Now, time for the SB47 "brace"!!!
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Damn, that is awesome! Congrats!!
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Congrats! Now you have to give us a free gun in the interest of being 'fair'. Wink

Seriously, that truly is awesome. Let us know how it shoots!
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Something needs to be done to close that gun club raffle loophole.
Your "entitled" now, Mr. Look at My Free Stuff. Big Grin
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spblademaker;140283 Wrote:Your "entitled" now, Mr. Look at My Free Stuff. Big Grin

Thanks but...

It isn't completely free. $30 for the raffle tickets, $25 for the FFL transfer and of course I'll have to pay taxes on the value of my prize. Still though... Big Grin

I'm still astounded that I won this particular firearm. It's a grown man's daydream come true.
Plus $200 for your SBR stamp Smile
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