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Would-Be Robber Shot Multiple Times

Would-Be Robber Shot Multiple Times

The day after a takeover robbery at a Metro PCS store on Folsom Boulevard that left the suspect dead, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has no one in custody and may never.

“We have no evidence that a crime occurred,” Sgt. Jason Ramos told FOX40, “This is a homicide investigation, although it may very well turn out to be a justifiable homicide.”

Seems justifiable on the surface of their statements alone. Seems in Cali. you are guilty until proven innocent when using a gun to protect yourself.

Quote:Ramos also said surveillance video inside the store shows the suspect hopping the counter with a gun drawn and getting shot multiple times by an employee.

The suspect’s name hasn’t been released at this point, but FOX40 has learned he’s a 30-year-old parolee with an extensive criminal record.

Ramos doesn’t believe based on the surveillance videos and statements from store employees that the shooting death qualifies as murder, “Anytime somebody points a gun at you, it’s pretty easy to articulate your life’s in imminent danger.”
Ladies of the Second Amendment

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The real question here is how was a mobile phone store employee able to obtain a CA carry permit? I'm going out on a limb here and assuming that to be the case, unless he had permission to keep a gun at work, which could be possible given how crappy of a neighborhood that is there.

Yes you are correct. CA is really a mixed bag of nuts (pun intended). It's not like here where the cities and burbs generally full of antis and the rural areas are full of pro 2A people. Out there they are all intermixed whether you are in the city or off in the boonies. There exists a general public mentality that you should retreat or comply with all demands because the criminal has rights too, and these people are very vocal.

There was another incident recently where a home invader was shot with a 12 gauge in the area I grew up outside Sacramento. The specific town is nicknamed "Hangtown" and has a strong culture built around that nickname. Regardless, people were up in arms over the "senseless murder" of a man that had a gun and kicked in a door to a house only to be greeted with a shotgun to the stomach.

I am so glad I moved away from that god forsaken place......
The law? The law is a human institution...

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