Poll: Would you post a picture with your child and a safe weapon?
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Would you post a picture online of your child of grade school age an a gun?
I was going though some pictures my wife had taken of me with the baby and I noticed that where we were (not saying where) there was a disassembled firearm visible in the background. After I pointed it out, my wife freaked out and removed it offline immediately. Obviously, our two week old can't even lift her head up so I doubt to a logical person the presence of a disassembled firearm laying by itself pointing in a safe direction is clearly not a safety issue in this case. Still it has me thinking. While every pro-2A fiber in my body wants to show the fact that guns can be in the presence of kids safely without issue at the same time in the fucked up police state we live in where the police get called over photos of kids safely holding guns real or fake I can't fault my wife for taking it down. I thought I would get a read on what everyone else thinks about this sort of thing.

So anonymous poll...would you publicly post a photo of your child handling a gun or showing a gun somewhere in the picture in a safe manner (the child does not have to be directly interacting with the gun)?
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I voted yes but the poll wasn't clear on ages or situation. I would post a picture of my child shooting responsibly at the range, about age 8 and above.

I would not post a picture of any child with a random gun in the photo background, or any child not at the range or in the woods, using the gun responsibly.

Toy guns being a different story, although to date I have really not even taken photos of the kids playing with toy guns. Haven't seen the need.

I guess I do have FB friends who would freak out if I posted a pic of my kids at the range. Oh well. Vote stands, though poll could be more specific.
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I want to say yes post away there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately I am in the same boat. This police state and the hostile environment has just made it a bad idea to do so. I have already passed up opportunities to do so. I don't really even like sharing pictures of myself with firearms the way things are currently.
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I voted yes. As long as the post shows firearms being used responsibly. I would include range visits, hunting and open carry (for those of age) in that.

I'm not a social media type person (unless you count this place) so I asked Mrs Bitter and she pulled up her page and showed me an album with nothing but us and the kids at the range shooting. It's too bad most of the guns that were pictured met their end in a tragic boating accident.
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I voted no. I wont post pics of my kids online period. Im not a Facebook person so I dont understand why people put their lives online for anyone to see. I dont know if FB works like that but if I want to send a pic to someone they either get a physical picture or e mail, and even e mail makes me a bit uncomfortable. I guess its my age and knowing the internet isnt secure.
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Not only would I post a pic, I posted a video of my oldest (she's 11) shooting a rifle for the first time on my Facebook page.
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jahwarrior72;145426 Wrote:Not only would I post a pic, I posted a video of my oldest (she's 11) shooting a rifle for the first time on my Facebook page.

You need an Xmas photo of your entire family OCing.
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Considering kids get expelled for wearing a NRA t-shirt....or playing airsoft in their own guddarn backyards....I'd advise against it. Now I know your kid wasn't the one using it or anything, but at the rate things are going here in the US you'd probably get called out for being an "irresponsible parent" since the gun could clearly reassemble itself, get up, walk on over to your kid, and put a round into your precious young one.

....Shut up gun grabbers, that was sarcasm just now. A gun cannot reassemble itself get up walk up to his kid and shoot him no matter how much you people believe that it can. But anyways, with how anti-2A Facebook has been lately I would be hesitant to put a whole lot of stuff up on it.
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Can't see a poll on my cellphone, but I have posted pictures of two of my three daughters with guns. Mine are young adults, however.
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I'm extremely cautious about what I post regarding the kids period, and its limited only to close friends and family.

I would not, not because I worry about what the family or friends would say but because I do not want it shared to other people, nor visible to the friends of friends if they comment on it and someone I do not know sees it.

But that care is with EVERY picture I post, from going out to dinner to them opening a gift, or playing in the sprinkler.
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