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xd45 guide rod
Does anyone have any experience with Springfield Armorys warranty service?

Yesterday at the range my budy was telling me about a flaw in the xd's guide rod that can cause guide rod failure. I decided to check mine and im glad i did. The tab that rests against the barrel is welded to the smaller rod, and has a possibility of the weld wearing through. Well on mine if you drag your nail across it, it will actually snag your nail.

Now I understand normal wear and tear on components but mine has about 500 to 600 rounds max through it.

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The people at customer service are great. Pick up the phone and call. Tell them the story and they will take care if it.
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Their customer service is top notch. I've only had to use it once but all was taken care of no charge.
I was on the phone with springfield armorys customer service for a total of 7 minutes. They're sending me a brand new guide rod assembly for free no questions asked. I should have it within the 4-5 business days. Now that is customer service.
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