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Yet 1 more reason not to go to the movies
Really? WTF are they trying to prove? Like it was said in the article what if they find a bag of "something" then what?
Quote:The next time you plan to see the newest blockbuster on the big screen, you might want to leave a little early. If the movie theater is owned by Regal Entertainment Group, you’ll probably be subject to a bag check.

“All they did was open and look. They didn’t actually go through it,” said movie-goer Jay Weinisch. He and his wife Dawn first noticed the new policy earlier this month.

“Two weeks ago we were here. I was surprised, but, it was perfectly fine with me.” said Dawn Weinisch outside the Regal Columbus Stadium 12 at Town Center in Virginia Beach. “I thought they were looking for the water bottle and they were going to take it away!”

Ticket takers were not, of course, looking for Weinisch’s water bottle, but they were looking for something else. A sign on the window at the ticket counter reads: “For the safety and comfort of all our guests: backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry into this facility.”

“[With] the recent news, I expected it to be sooner than this,” one movie-goer told

Regal Entertainment Group owns about 600 theaters nationwide, and several in Hampton Roads. The full policy on their website reads:

Security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America. Regal Entertainment Group wants our customers and staff to feel comfortable and safe when visiting or working in our theatres. To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to admission. We acknowledge that this procedure can cause some inconvenience and that it is not without flaws, but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety.

Some on the Regal Columbus Stadium 12 Facebook page claim the new policy is turning them away. One comment called the policy unjust and unfriendly to law-abiding citizens.

“Will not, under any circumstances, return to a Regal theater since you instituted the bag search policy,” one person wrote.

Another poster said, “Do you guys want to go out of business? Hassling women to check their purses?”
“I understand that, but I think it would be nice if people didn’t have guns in the movie theaters,” Jay Weinisch said. “I don’t think it’s that much to ask.”

On it’s website, Regal Entertainment Group acknowledges that the policy could be an inconvenience, but says they hope it is a minor issue compared to increased safety.

“I think that anything that will protect the citizens, people should have the patience to go through that,” Shirley Wilkie said. did reach out to Regal Entertainment Group’s corporate office. We wanted to know if the people conducting the searches received specific training, and what they can do if they find something they deem to be suspicious. WAVY News had not heard back from the corporate office, as of Tuesday evening.
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Increased safety? Holmes didn't carry his guns in through the front door. He went out through a side door and then re-entered. I guess this is an actual example of "security theater".
People still go to movie theaters?

We went a couple months ago only to see Jurrasic World in 3D. It was only as a treat for our son. The "3D" was lame, the people are still as ignorant as I remember and the food is as expensive as it ever was. The last time I've been to a theatre was to see Strange Wilderness years ago and the movie was so bad we left after the first half hour. Never see the point in overpaying to see crap movies, I have other means of watching that crap if I want to. With the exception of the drive in we don't go to see movies.

But we haven't had a land line phone or cable for almost a decade now so yea.
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I've only ever walked out of one movie because it was so bad. Weekend at Bernie's and we only paid $1 to get in. It wasn't even worth sitting through for that.
We went to one little single feature movie a few years ago in NC in a vintage small town theater and it was pretty cool. The prices were reasonable too. But otherwise it is SO expensive for a larger family to go see a movie...not even worth it!

We just got a Six Flags membership for five people for $55/month. Such a better entertainment value.....
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They have to produce a movie worth seeing first...

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It's finally making news here. the replies are why I said one more reason not to go.
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We go as a treat for my daughter sometimes. Usually we try to go to the drive in. Sometimes the theater in Williamsport. I'm sure I'll get drug to another kids movie there. I've never looked for a no guns sign or seen one prominently displayed any where there, so I'll continue to carry concealed as always when we go. If they want me to leave then they won't get any more $$$ from me.

More feel good BS to make the sheep feel safer.
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RL Suehr;168642 Wrote:If they want me to leave then they won't get any more $$$ from me.

Their policies don't concern me much. They don't get any money from me now. They won't miss my business.
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I enjoy every minute of it.
Well, fuck Regal, then. Pay several thousand dollars for a ticket, then drop another cool million for a small popcorn and a drink, and they wanna search bags?

The reality is, this has nothing to do with guns. This is just a ploy for them to search for "contraband" snacks and drinks, because fuck paying a week's pay for popcorn, sods, and Goobers. They're not letting people down, not wanting anyone, so who else believes this is for security? LOL.

Molly has informed me were not going there anymore. She normally doesn't give a shit about things like no guns signs or policies; she ignores them just like me. But the idea of having to open her purse to let some acne-riddled teenager rifle through and let his Skeevy fingers touch her stuff is too much for her. We'll pass, even if they're only five minutes away. Well take the 30 minute trip to the Cinemark in Moosic, instead. They also have a no guns policy, but won't search you or your property.
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