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York County LTCF information...
York County Sheriff's Office:
"Concealed Weapons Permits" (PA LTCF):
LTCF Application:
LTCF Application instructions:

Sheriff, Richard P. Keuerleber
York County Sheriff's Office
York County Judicial Center
45 N. George St., 1st Floor
York, Pa. 17401
Pistol Permit Office: 717-771-9349

The York County Judicial Center does have lockers, set up next to the security checkpoint, to store your firearm. Do not attempt to go through or past the checkpoint. Instead, get the attention of one of the security personnel and let them know you need to check your firearm. Every time I have done this they have asked if I was law enforcement. I have always answered, "No, I'm a citizen." I have never had a problem, and these folks have always been professional.

There is a small form to fill out documenting the storage of your property, and they will give you a credit-card size red plastic card embossed with the locker number on it. You probably don't want to lose that card.

There is some metered street parking all around the Judicial Center, and there is a multi-level parking garage right around the corner on the north side of the unit block of W. Philadelphia Street.

Quote:You MUST Have a Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License or Identification Card.

Out of state applicants must have a license to carry AND a Driver's License or State ID from the state in which they reside.

Firearm Permits are valid for five years from the date of issue.


New License Applications
Monday thru Friday 8am to 430pm

Picking up completed Applications:
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 8am to 430pm
Tuesday and Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 2pm
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Cell phones are not allowed in the court house and you will have to leave and place it in your vehicle.
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Lee-online;75969 Wrote:Cell phones are not allowed in the court house and you will have to leave and place it in your vehicle.

The DMV only processes ID and drivers license on Tuesday's thru Saturday's I took a trip up to Penn DOT in Harrisburg to find out this little fact.
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